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Stern and Bow:  a casual American eatery featuring eclectic, regional dishes, accented with seafood specialties.

The restaurant includes three separate bars - a premium raw bar, wood-tired pizza bar and full service liquor bar - each with its own experience.

We've recreated flavorful regional dishes from around the country, using authentic, seasonal ingredients and expert execution. Our menus feature everything from custom blend burgers, dry-aged steaks and seafood specialties, to housemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and decadent  desserts

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Russell Stern

Owner Russell Stern, a restaurateur and food fanatic, has created a 155-seat eatery featuring regional cuisine from some of his favorite travel destinations, crafted with seasonal ingredients and expert execution. 

"I wanted to combine my passion for great food and travel, in American eclectic restaurant that showcased authentic dishes from around the globe, in a beautiful but relaxed setting."

Stern and Bow has something for everyone including custom-blend burgers, dry-aged steaks, seafood specialties, artisanal pastas, wood-fired pizza and housemade desserts.

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Chef Ingrid Wright

Chef Wright, who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, is the Executive Chef at Stern and Bow, which is located in Closter, a town in Bergen County,  New Jersey.  She taught at the Institute of Culinary Education and has worked at China Grill Management. 

Wright, a mother of two, is originally from Costa Rica. She started her career as a successful runway model and traveled all over the world.


Working and eating great food in Paris, Milan, China and Germany, inspired her to attend culinary school, and pursue her dream of becoming a professional chef.

Head Shot - Russell Stern - Stern and Bow.jpg
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